Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions and Your Pool

Water Restrictions are a valid concern for all Capetonians and a worry for pool users across the city. Are you allowed to own a swimming pool? Are you allowed to keep it filled? Are you allowed to do renovations or build a new pool?


Currently, the city of Cape Town has Level 3 Water restrictions in place. However, this will not affect your pool use and renovations. Pool users are only required to cover up their pool with a pool cover, to avoid a fine and the evaporation of their pool water. In comparison pool construction and renovation are allowed, but to avoid the wastage of water we suggest undergoing renovations with care.


Saving Water


Avoiding unnecessary refilling or topping up of your pool is essential to saving water, and if you do need to top up your pool after water loss, filling it with municipal drinking water is not allowed.


That is why not using a pool cover can result in a hefty fine. Your pool cover should remain on at all times, until the point you wish to use your pool. Then it can be removed for the duration of your use, before being covered up again at the end of the day. This adds some work to whenever you wish to use your pool, but it’s a necessary evil to avoid water evaporation.


If you have a heated pool, it’s also wise to keep the water temperature low when you’re not using it, another way of saving water. The air is already warm enough to cause water evaporation, the high water temperature would only speed evaporation along.


Should you drain your pool for whatever reason, wait long enough for the chlorine levels in your pool to subside, then you can use the pool water to water your plants or use as grey water for bathroom use, cleaning your home or car, and washing clothes.


Another useful way to save water is to regulate pool activities when you and your friends/family are using the pool. Jumping in the pool and splashing/roughhousing can result in a lot of water loss when your pool water sloshes over the sides. As much as it’s no fun for anyone when told how to enjoy your pool, you don’t want to have to refill your pool afterwards.


These are only a few measures we should take in the effort to save water. We must all do our part, whether we own a pool or don’t. And with these efforts, we can still enjoy our glittering pools all year round. Read more here about how you can save water in all areas of your home.