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Horizon Pools manufactures TOP QUALITY fibreglass pool shells. There is that word QUALITY again that is so over used by all and sundry. We at Horizon Pools are proud to say that the product we manufacture is of the highest class in a fibreglass swimming pool that the South African market has to offer. We realised that every fibreglass swimming pool company says the exact same thing at the point of sale and on their websites, therefore it is difficult for the pool buyer to know the difference between all these “quality” pool products on offer that vary so much in price. At the end of the day the fibreglass shell is the most important part of the purchase. Yes, they all look the same in the photographs, but do they all do the same job of holding about 10-60 tons of water in the ground for an extended period of time, that’s the question.
We recommend you ask the following questions when you get a few quotes for fibreglass pools in Cape Town which will help you tell the difference between QUALITY and “quality”

Horizon Pools FAQ:

Do you manufacture your own fibreglass shells, and where is your factory?

Many fibreglass pool installation companies buy their shells from a manufacturer and this often leads to problems down the line with one blaming the other for the problems that arise with the swimming pool shells. Some fibreglass swimming pools in South Africa are literally made in a backyard or double garage.

We recommend that you take the time to visit their factory. You take that time out to buy a lounge suite or a TV so why not a pool that costs so much more?

At Horizon Pools you are more than welcome to visit our large well equipped, modern factory in Strand, Western Cape. We will show you around and we make a great cup of tea or coffee, anytime.

Is your company a member of the National Spa and Pool Institute (NSPI)?

The NSPI ensures standards and ethics of fiberglass swimming pools in South Africa and they are the policemen of the industry. If you have a problem with the product or service you can contact the NSPI for help only if the company you chose is a member.

Horizon Pools are members of the NSPI.

How are your pools manufactured?

There are two ways of manufacturing a fibreglass swimming pool. One is hand lamination and the other is chopper gun.
At Horizon Pools we hand laminate our pools to ensure consistent thickness of the product and this method allows for a built-in rib-like structure to form in the process where there are double thick overlaps of fibreglass sheets.

There is more fibreglass in the process and that means more strength. Horizon Pools also uses Coremat which is a layer that is sandwiched between the fibreglass layers which makes the pool very rigid which helps during the installation and gives extra structural strength.

Hand lamination also requires a surface tissue which is a very important resin rich layer of resin to be applied under the colour (gelcoat) and this prevents bubbles and cobalt stains forming on the surface over time. The chopper gun method of manufacturing does not offer these features. Fibreglass pools in Australia and Europe manufactured with a chopper gun are a minimum of 12 mm thick and mostly manufactured with a robotic arm ensuring a strong consistently thick product. In South Africa this method is done by a hand held operator and the pools are generally 2mm –5mm thick.

By asking these three simple questions and by visiting one or two factory’s you should be able make up your mind if you are getting a QUALITY product and you can have that peace of mind that you will not have any major problems with your choice of pool company. Have any more questions? Why not view our full FAQ’s page or get in touch with us.

Horizon Pools not only supply’s you with the best fibreglass swimming pools around, we further provide the most outstanding pool maintenance Cape Town has to offer. We make sure our products are of top notch quality, and if there is ever a problem, we ensure that our service and maintenance meet those standards.

Please contact us for a free on site quote and one of our experienced salesman will help change your lifestyle forever.

Horizon Pools are available all over the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape via our network of agents.

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