Free Standing Fibreglass Pools

When adding a large investment in your house, such as a swimming pool, you want someone you can trust doing the job and someone you can call with questions years down the road.

Here at Horizon Pools, we do our best to ensure satisfaction when it comes to your dream pool, with our range of Free Standing Fibreglass Pools and cost reduction of retaining walls, the pools are twice as thick and have reinforced all-around to cope with water pressure.

All that we required is a concrete slab for the free-standing fibreglass pool to sit on and we will get the job done. No hassles, No stress only fun times await.

Free Standing Fibreglass Pools are the easiest inground swimming pool to keep clean and balance chemicals plus they have a great smooth feel to them. You don’t have rough or cut up toes like you would with a concrete pool.

Please note that with this option it is advisable to have a deck finish to hide all the re-inforcing.

Here are a few benefits of free-standing fibreglass pools:
They are quick and easy to install.
They use fewer chemicals and are easy to maintain.
Various shapes, sizes, colours, swimming pool designs are available.
They are normally warmer than concrete pools.
They are strong and durable.
Won’t crack or leak.
They have built-in safety ledges and steps.


another reinforced pool


Please click on the link for more examples and completed projects of our free-standing fibreglass pool installations.

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