Free Standing Fibreglass Pools

In certain situations, we advise installing free standing fiberglass pools to reduce the cost of retaining walls. All pools are twice as thick and have re-inforcing all around to cope with water pressure. All that is required is a concrete slab for the pool to sit on. Please note that with this option it is advisable to have a deck finish to hide all the re-inforcing.

freestanding fibreglass pools

Benefits of free standing fibreglass pools include the following:

  • They are quick and easy to install.
  • They use fewer chemicals and are easy to maintain.
  • Various shapes, sizes, colours, swimming pool designs are available.
  • They are normally warmer than concrete pools.
  • They are strong and durable.
  • Won’t crack or leak.
  • They have built in safety ledges and steps.

Please click on the link for more examples and completed projects of our free standing fibreglass pool installations.