Colours and Mosaics

Since the time of the ancient Romans mosaics have decorated pools and bathrooms alike. Like the great Roman Baths, our pools are now similarly decorated in stunning mosaic tiles and motifs. You can even find pools in different colours that vary from the traditional blue.


We offer a range of stunning iridescent mosaics, from crystal blues to earthy browns and tropical greens. These tiles can line your fibreglass pool to form a waterline, or they can decorate the edge or bottom of your pool in amazing colours and patterns.


Our range of endearing or stylish motifs can also find a place in your pool, particularly on the bottom centre to form a centerpiece. From dolphins to compasses you’ll definitely find the design of your choice.


Swimming Pool Mosaics, Motifs and Colours

We also offer our pools in a range of colours, mostly ranges of blue, grey and lastly black. With our range of pool mosaics, motifs and colours, you can design your ideal pool unique to your home for you and your friends and family to enjoy.


Once you’ve picked your ideal pool shape and picked the colours and style you desire, we’ll happily quote you on the price and install it for you.