Swimming Pool Pumps and Filters

Pool Pump and FilterWhen we look at our beautiful, sparkling, and crystal clear swimming pools we often forget why they look so amazing. That’s because the reason for this clear blue water is tucked away somewhere in a shed or left to be forgotten out of sight to toil away at keeping your pool looking inviting all year round. Pumps and filters play such a huge role in the enjoyment of our pools it’s important to ensure they’re working at their best level and that they stay in good repair.

How Pool Pumps and Filters Work

Pool Pumps drive the dirty water through the filters, and back out through the water inlets. Before the water makes it into the pump, it passes through a metal or plastic strainer basket to remove all of the solid debris (leaves, sticks etc.) that might end up clogging the pump.  After this debris has been removed the dirty water goes through a filtration process where it’s cleaned and pushed back into the pool, leaving you with those crystal clear waters we all love.

Pool Pump Repairs and Installation

Since the roles of pumps and filters are so important it is highly recommended to go for an experienced and professional pool service company for both installation and repairs. Here at Horizon Pools we offer only the best quality of pool pumps and pool filters as well as quality service when it comes to both installing pool pumps and repairing them. We will ensure your pool works at its optimum level to keep it looking great all year round.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with enquiries about installation and repairs or should you wish to update your current pool pumps or filtration system.