Solar Pool Heating Cape Town

A swimming pool is one of the biggest long term investments you can make for your home. However, due to seasonal restrictions, the amount of time you can use the pool is quite limited. To be able to enjoy your pool all year round, it would make sense to put in a pool heating system during the cold winter months.

To this point, many families would have to consider the extra costs for electricity that keeps the swimming pool heating structure running. That is why Horizon Pools now provides you with the most reliable solar pool heating Cape Town can offer.

Solar energy adds value to your propertySolar Pool Heating

Solar swimming pool heating is the most economical method of ensuring your pool is kept at the optimal and most comfortable temperature during the winter months. The system is also an investment that increases the value of your property and makes it more appealing for future potential buyers if you wish to sell.

The solar pool heating system is incorporated into your pool’s filtration system and can be considered a single unit of equipment. This means that there will be no extra input from your side and there will not be excessive maintenance efforts.

Furthermore, pool solar heating is an environmentally friendly and sustainable home improvement project. It harnesses the power of the African sun and provides an economically viable solution for your family’s electricity expenses.

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