Swimming Pool Water Features Cape Town

Water features add that X-factor to your swimming pool. They top up your pool with the soothing sounds of trickling water, giving your pool an extremely relaxing ambiance. There are various water features to choose from and each of them is cost effective.

We are not simply the best when it comes to the installation of your fiberglass pool; we have years of experience installing swimming pool water features too. A well-placed water feature will turn any swimming pool surroundings into an aesthetically pleasing environment, making your garden the talk of the town.

horizon pools pool water features cape town

With the addition of these features, you can add a whole new level of enjoyment to your pool. Just imagine sitting in your backyard on a Sunday morning, reading your newspaper with the tranquil sound of a babbling brook in your ear, and looking out over your back yard to see a stunning waterfall cascading into your pool.

Horizion Pools are proud to say that we supply the best swimming pool water features Cape Town has to offer. Please contact us for further information