about Horizon Pools

Horizon Pools specializes in crafting premium fiberglass pool shells. The term "quality" gets thrown around a lot, but we're genuinely proud to assert that our product stands at the peak of excellence within the South African fiberglass swimming pool market. We understand the common refrain – every company claims to offer the best. This ubiquity makes it challenging for pool buyers to discern the real differences among the myriad of "quality" pool options available, which also come with significantly varying price tags. Yet, when it comes down to it, the fiberglass shell forms the bedrock of your investment. While they may all appear similar in photographs, the critical question remains: Can they all effectively bear the weight of 10-60 tons of water in the ground over an extended period? That's the true measure of quality.

Ask The Following Before Accepting a Quote

Do you manufacture your own pool shells and where is your factory
There are numerous fiberglass pool installation companies that source their shells from manufacturers, often resulting in issues later on, with each party blaming the other for any problems with the pool shells. In some cases, fiberglass swimming pools in South Africa are manufactured in small backyard workshops or double garages. We strongly advise visiting the factory before making a purchase decision.
At Horizon Pools, we invite you to visit our fully equipped factory located in Strand, Western Cape. We're delighted to give you a tour and address any questions you may have with pleasure.
Is your company a member of the National Spa and Pool Institute (NSPI)
The NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) oversees the standards and ethics of fiberglass swimming pools in South Africa, acting as the industry's regulatory body. They serve as the "policemen" of the industry. If you encounter any issues with products or services, you can seek assistance from the NSPI, provided that the company in question is a member.
Horizon Pools is a proud member of the NSPI, and we strictly adhere to all their regulations and standards.
How are your pools shells manufactured?
There are two methods of manufacturing fiberglass pool shells: hand lamination and chopper gun. At Horizon Pools, we employ the hand lamination technique to ensure consistent thickness of our products. This method also allows for the formation of built-in rib-like structures during the process, achieved through double-thick overlaps of fiberglass sheets.
In this process, the increased amount of fiberglass results in greater overall strength. Horizon Pools also incorporates coremat, a composite layer sandwiched between the fiberglass layers. This addition enhances the rigidity of the pool shell, aiding in installation and providing additional structural strength.
Hand lamination also includes the application of a surface tissue, a crucial resin-rich layer placed under the gelcoat (colour layer). This prevents the formation of bubbles and cobalt stains on the surface over time. In contrast, the chopper gun method of manufacturing lacks these features. Fiberglass pools manufactured by overseas companies using the chopper gun method are typically a minimum of 12mm thick and are often produced with robotic arms to ensure strong consistency. However, in South Africa, this method is typically performed manually by operators, resulting in pool shells that are generally between 2mm to 5mm thick.
Horizon Pools prides itself on offering a top-quality product that surpasses all others in the market.